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New South Wales


we sell AUTHENTIC handmade, hand painted Australian Aboriginal RETURNING BOOMERANGS CHILDRENS BOOMERANGS,CLAP STICKS AND BULL ROARERS made and sold by Aboriginal people and their families. fast shipping. Buy a boomerang. boomerangs for sale.

Bull roarers


The Bullroarer had a number of uses for the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Now mainly used in ceremony, it is made to make a unique sound by spinning it fast at the end of a string.

 You can spin it  overhead or vertically to the side .

In some tribes the bullroarer is known as a


The Mooroonga was mostly kept by men and would be sounded as a warning to women to stay away during men only ceremonies.

 It would also be used as a communication tool to call hunters together.


I was taught the Mooroonga was considered a precious item and "earned". Once a boy became a man,

it would be kept in a special place and brought out when hunting and during ceremony. 

the art on the bullroarer

Often they were decorated with the owner's totem or tribal markings which defined his family origins. I decorate these with the positive totems I have been taught.

The Kangaroo for Happiness

The emu for Fortunate/lucky

The platypus for friendship

Please add the animal totem you want in the notes on the

Paypal page when ordering.

If no animal is selected we automatically send a kangaroo totem bullroarer.

Each bullroarer is $30. please remember to write the totem animal name in the paypal page.

shipping is $15 to Europe, USA. and Australia. please email for a shipping quote if you are outside these areas.

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